Refrigerated cabinets


Refrigerated cabinets fitted with a “single-block” class 5 cooling unit (“tropicalized”) that can be easily removed from the casing; the external work environment can reach temperatures of up to + 40/42°C with 65% relative humidity.

The internal and external structure is made of stainless steel. Doors with automatic closing system and fixed opening position at 100°, easily removable
magnetic seal, rounded edges for easy and optimum cleaning. 60mm insulation made of polyurethane injected under high pressure free of CFC or HCFC.
Digital control panel, detection of temperatures by means of NTC probes. Ventilated refrigeration with R134a gas for normal temperatures, R507 for low
temperatures. Automatic defrost and evaporation of condensate water through the AISI 316L stainless steel coil. Adjustable and removable guides and door
grid racks. Stainless steel feet with adjustable height (wheels on request). Professional and compact handles with cutting-edge design. 600 and 700 lt cabinets with right/left reversible door. The standard power cable is supplied without plug. All cabinets have glass doors equipped with internal lighting as standard.

ACCESSORIES: LED internal light, wheel kit, kit for racks 600×400, door opening handle, non standard cable with plug, bottle rack for optimizing the internal space.



Check out the line that best suits your needs


The Easy line combines product effectiveness, reliability and robustness at a very economical price.

The refrigerated cabinet is characterized by a top smooth control panel that houses the digital controller and the on/off button.

The door is 50mm thick with a ergonomic handle.

The racks can be repositioned inside directly on the vertical uprights in a fixed manner, without sliding.

Standard supply: 3 plasticized racks for 600-700 l cabinets, 6 plasticized racks for 1200-1400 l cabinets, user guide.


The Plus line is synonymous with elegance, reliability, sturdiness and ease of use.

These refrigerated cabinets feature a top control panel with the specific Dalmec ribbing, the digital controller is housed in the mask along with the on/off buttons and the start button for interior lighting, complete with lock and key and standard lighting.

The door is 60mm thick and is fitted with a vertical ergonomic handle that runs over its entire length. The standard model provides internal “U” shaped guides on which the easily removable racks/trays slide, removable vertical uprights for quick and optimum cleaning.

Standard fitting: 3 plasticized racks and 6 “U” shaped stainless steel guides for 600-700 l cabinets,
6 plasticized racks and 12 “U” shaped stainless steel guides for 1200-1400 l cabinets, lock with key,
internal light, user guide.


The Gold line has the best features that can be found in the professional refrigeration business. In addition to the Plus line features, GOLD has superior performances in terms of energy saving, material quality and functionality.

The large digital controller is completely flat for a thoroughly cleaned and the energy saving functions optimize electricity consumption and performance.

The high thickness insulation ensures optimal storage inside the cell. The range consists of machines with traditional gases (R134a, R507 (R404a)) but expecially the ecological R290 gas, along with the compressors with inverter.

Supplied standard with: no.3 plastic-coated grills and no.6 stainless steel “U” guides for 700 l cabinets, no.6 plastic-coated grills and no.12 stainless steel “U” guides for 1400 l cabinets, lock and key, under-panel light.


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